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| Sometimes architectural...

sometimes destructive...

sometimes glamorous...

TIMCASSO is extraordinary and thrilling - and TIMCASSO is always a bit different from its own past. It's the urge to think about another way of expression, another shape, another kind of what we call "fashion". And it's the attempt to reach the people's emotions - women's and men's - to let them think about it, laugh, marvel etc.


TIMCASSO is the project of the german fashion designer Tim Neumann. Born in the former GDR in 1988 and grown up in Magdeburg he moved to Berlin in 2008. The german capital city has been the right place to start his fashion design studies at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design.

In 2009 he officially participated in the "Tinkerbell"-project of Walt Disney. The task has been to create two dresses that are inspired by Tinkerbell and her sweet friends.

In 2010 Tim Neumann did a placement season at TALBOT RUNHOF in Munich. It was also the first time he took part at the Fashion Week in Paris.

In the same year Tim Neumann participated in the "anstoß"-project "sorbisch modern" (sorbian modern). The task was to create two looks that are inspired by sorbian costumes.

In 2012 Tim Neumann successfully completed his studies in fashion design. |